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Thermal structure of the North China Craton
Juan Carlos Afonso + geophysics

A/Prof. Juan Carlos Afonso

A/Prof. Juan C. Afonso is a theoretical geophysicist and geodynamicist. His research focuses on the thermochemical structure and evolution of the lithosphere, the mechanical and geochemical interactions between tectonic plates and the sublithospheric upper mantle, and their effects on small- and large-scale tectonic processes. His most recent research combines multiscale probabilistic inversion and numerical modelling techniques to address some of the most fundamental questions about the nature and evolution of the lithosphere and upper mantle using a formal combination of multiple satellite- (e.g. gravity, magnetic field) and land-based (e.g. geochemistry, seismic) data sets. He also works on the development of numerical algorithms to model the complex couplings between geochemical and geodynamic processes inside planets at multiple scales.

Organic Chemistry
The National Chemistry


- A big project within a big network is coming along... multiple PhD projects will be available soon; so if you are looking for a PhD or you know outstanding candidates looking for PhD projects, pass the news and stay tuned!!! 

- Happy to be part of the new ESA-funded '4D Earth' research program. We start in March!!

- It is a great pleasure to become a VP in the Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences at SUSTech University!! 

- Excited to start a new position at ITC, University of Twente!!!       

- Great to start a new project with the Canadian Geological Survey and collaborate with Andrew Schaeffer and his team.

- We recently completed a 2.5 years research project with DeBeers to map the thermochemical structure of Central and South Africa. Publication coming soon and you can see some preliminary results here: 

- Check our new manuscript on joint 3D MT + seismic probabilistic inversion with Constanza Manassero here:

- Excited to start another collaboration project with Geoscience Australia on state-of-the-art techniques for joint inversion of massive geophysical and geochemical datasets. Welcome to Fatimah, our new PhD student!

- We are always looking for outstanding motivated students to join our PhD cohort. Send me an email if you are interested in doing a PhD with us.


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